Thursday, August 20, 2015

First day on WW.

Went to bed hungry not realizing I still had points left. Still hungry but afraid to eat until I have a plan. I know that if I had better foods planned yesterday I would not have been hungry but it's all good. I am just thrilled I was within my points. Oh it was hard. One scoop of ice cream while the family is eating 3 was torture!! Especially since they finished it off. I am definitely buying my own dairy free ice cream for next time.. no one would touch it and I could treat myself a few times a week. 

Today is a new day

Breakfast:  I have 1/2 cup of strawberry blended greek yogurt with granola, hash brown patty, 2 eggs and 1/2 nitrate free sausage link 12 pts.

What's for lunch? I'm having tuna, mayo. Sriracha, carrots, spinach and scallions in rice spring roll wraps.

Dinner : One cup rice and one cup of beef stew.

I had 16 wheat thins and 3tbs hummus for snack. Also had watermelon and a plum earlier.. I'm just hungry today. I still have 8 pts left but need to stop here.

I just found this on my ww phone app. The 1oz is for meat or cheese, cupped hand is for 1 to 2 ounces of nuts or pretzels, and the palm for meat, fish or poultry. Great visual!


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