Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I had my day planned, including my food tonight. Anna had a meeting and photo shoot and we had running around to do. We wanted to check out a place called Crown Fried Chicken. I looked up similar food for KFC and figured out what I could eat and the points. It was all good.
The last place we went was the mall to have my ring checked and buy a rolling cart. Angel said.. why don't we go to the food court instead. Anna got excited.. yay!! I smiled and said okay while my entire mind was thinking "uh oh!! What am I going to eat?"
We got to the food court and I immediately grabbed a table and pulled out my phone. The choices were Subway (ugh.. eat that way too much), Burger King (no), Dairy Queen, Chinese, Pizza Place, Sarku Japan (Angel's fave), Taco Bell and Charlie's Philly Steak. Ok.. what can I eat at Charlies??
WW mobile had no info so I found their website nutrition file. Anna is talking to me.. I am a bit frantic.. Honey, let me figure out what I am going to eat. Angel starts talking.. Give me a min.. I need to figure out what I am going to eat. I notice on the file that buffalo chicken (small) is 380 cal.. everything else appears to be closer to 700.. Ok.. going to order that (I have never ordered a small sandwich before!) I ask angel to split a fry order with me since he decides to eat there too.
I go back to my seat and figure it out with the ww calculator. Sandwich is 10 points, 1/2 fries is 5. I still have 13 points left over!!! Yay!!! I did it. Whew, that was scary. Anna says next time I need to relax. LOL.
Oh, then I find out Angel was actually going to suggest Panda Buffet. Anna was really sad about that. I am so thankful he didn't. I can't contain myself there at this time!
Now I am sitting here enjoying my watermelon.

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