Friday, August 28, 2015

I was feeling great yesterday. I had about 15 points left after dinner. All was awesome. Angel decided we should check out race car driving at the speedway. We had never been before. They had food stands which scared me. Two and half hours later we didn't buy a single food item.. awesome!!

I think I understand now what places sponsor those cars. One of them was sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. Angel decided we should go. Oh lovely. I was telling myself.. it will be okay. Use the phone tracker. We get there and I know we have to be home by 11 for David. I'm trying to get my phone to pop up the points for Buffalo Wild Wings.. Data is running too slow. I see the calories on the menu.. everything high calories. Angel wants wings. He wants to order the large.. umm.. honey.. that's 20 wings. Anna already ordered her own basket. 20 wings is over 2,000 calories apparently. Then right at the last minute he orders a basket of onion rings. My heart sank.. I was so hungry (15 points was left). The order took over 40 min to get to the table so David ended up meeting us there.. I immediately started telling him to eat! I had 5 wings and some onion rings. I tried to eat slow. We even had onion rings left over and I didn't touch it. I did go over points but the scale was kind to me this morning.. very kind.

While I can sit here and say man I messed up badly.. the other part of me pats myself on the back. Why do you say?? I love love love buffalo wings and onion rings. My first reaction is always to forget the diet for one night and just enjoy. That was not my mentality last night at all. So thankful.

I need to work on not worrying about Angel. He really wanted the wings with at least two sauces and I really should have just told him I was getting something else. It's not like he would be mad or something. He usually gets upset when he finds out I am holding back. Unfortunately that mindset that I need to comply to what others want was taught to me at a young age. I will admit though I think a part of me wanted the wings but he could have said we were getting something I don't care for and I would still say. Okay. Sigh.

He did ask what I wanted first and I instead asked him what he was thinking.

Also I have always found that if I feel deprived, I get angry and mean. It's a sad thing how much my emotions tie into foods. The fact that I was actually able to control myself and not feel deprived did amaze me a bit. I am sure the Lord sent David our way to help me out with that. :)

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