Monday, August 31, 2015

I am going to pat myself on the back right now. LOL. Yesterday was a stressful day because someone hacked into my Walmart account and tried to make over 700.00 in purchases. It was caught thankfully but left me changing passwords for everything and now when my new card comes in, I will have more to change. However, I was still able to entertain company and serve a wonderful dinner of lasagna (frozen but I needed an easy dinner), garlic bread, salad and watermelon for desert. I was under points so I ate some crackers and pb later, still was under point but not as much. Today I am under again by quite a bit but that's okay.. It's late and I need sleep. I am just so proud that I was able to exercise discipline when it came to portion control of lasagna and garlic bread! That is a huge step for me.

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