Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Journey

I already posted this on my main site but decided I should also be keeping track here.  So this is a repeat for some of my readers. 
I decided to see a Homeopathic Doctor recently.  I have not seen my regular doctor for about 3 years.  Just got tired of not being listened to.  This doctor was great.  She listened to everything I said and decided that bloodwork was the first thing to do.  I have had bloodwork before but not like this. 
Results came in… 
  • no celiac
  • liver functioning great! 
  • cholesterol good – although good cholesterol should be raised a bit
  • very anemic
  • very low Vit. D – 14 when it should be in the 70’s
  • calcium a bit low
  • thyroid a little on the high side
  • Low folate and B12
  • Positive for Candida
  • slight allergy to soybeans and corn
  • Very allergic to gluten and Dairy! 

    Seriously??  Allergic to gluten and dairy!  This is going to be hard! 

    Plan of Action: 
    no wheat or dairy, period
    10 times the amount of Vit D for 2 months
    b complex vitamins as well as the extra b6 I have
    High Iron Diet
    MSM to help with bone pain and anti-histamine for my seasonal sickness

    After all my mineral are up we will start attacking the candida which can take 4-6 weeks in some cases 3 months.


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