Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 113

So far scale still says 335.  I did get up and bike for 20 while watching the biggest loser.. I stopped it at the point where they discover they have to ride like 26 miles on the bike.. and two groups who don't are out.. wow.  I can barely get to 3 miles.. I can not even imagine 26!!

well, we have no more dough and no more dip.. two huge temptations that are gone.. thankfully!  I need to do better here.. it was tough to finish the 20 on the bike.. I can already tell that I am not feeling as good as I was before.  I need to get back on track!

*food wise.. not the greatest.. let's see

biked 20 min - 2.71miles
breakfast  -2 toast
lunch - 1.5 tuna sandwich with chips
dinner - general tso chicken w/ rice and 2 egg rolls
snack - 2 cookies, mini candy cane

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