Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 135

Still refusing to weigh in here.. Did ride my bike yesterday and today.  Yesterday 3.20 miles, today 3 miles. 

Yesterday was a huge accomplishment in riding because my emotions were really bad.  I had been crying all night long.. and when I do that I will not ride or do anything that seems like work.  I am grateful that this is becoming a morning habit as well as doing my bible reading first thing. 

The biggest loser.. wow... I agree with everyone on Michael.  He is definitely wasting his opportunity.. but as with most of the contestants.. I would have also respected Maria's wishes.  Maybe this will push Michael to really try harder. 

the red team wow.  I just knew that was going to happen.  Next week looks explosive! 

right now food eating isn't going as well as is should.  I am hoping to get this biking down and make small changes with eating.  It is difficult when I am very emotional.  Good thing there are not really much junk food in the house.. I have been craving chocolate cake or brownies.. and I am just too lazy to make it myself!  However, there is plenty of bread for toast.. My major weakness. 

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