Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 125

Weighed in at 332.5 ugh...

but what do I expect after a weekend of eating whatever I wanted at any time..

maybe it is time to toss those cookies I made last week.  Especially since I am the only one eating them?

Let's see.. if I back track honestly..

thurs - after dance, we went to the new Popeyes.. I had 3 wings and cajun fries..
Friday - we went grocery shopping.. ate a whopper with bacon and cheese
Saturday - home all day but snacked alot. western omelet with kimchi for late breakfast,  two pot pies for dinner.. geez
Sunday- cheese omelet with 2 toast, lunch 2 kfc wingettes and 2 strips with ranch dressing, dinner indian palak paneer dinner potato samoasa.. too many of those cookies in between.  then a grapefruit oh and lots of peanuts..

Ok.. seriously.. we went shopping, I have fruits, I have lots of eggs..  I need to do better food preps and have menus planned.  Can not continue down this road.. no no no.  Need a plan!

Hey, but good news so far!  I biked 3.5 miles in the 20 min.. I have never done that in the past year!   whoo hooo!!!

and I almost didn't even bother biking..

Food update *

Peppermint tea - 1tsp sugar, banana
2 over easy eggs, 2 toast, 1 tsp butter, 1/2 grapefruit, 1ts sugar
1 chicken salad sandwich, 4 cookies (ugh), 1 apple
**  started my monthly ** explains alot! 
2 chicken strips with ranch dressing
1 chicken patty on a bun with mayo and mozz cheese and fries,  glass of root beer
1/2 grapefruit with less than a tsp of sugar

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