Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 119

Ok, so not so great weigh in today.. 332.5 but hey, it could be worse!  Yesterday wasn't a great food day since Angel decided that he had to stop at McD's after Annaleah's ballet performace because he had to have a burger.. and we had lasagna cooking at home.. sigh

However, I did my bike this morning for 20 and that was about 3.05 miles this time.. yippee..  Also finished watching The biggest loser and set the vcr for tonight.  I can honestly say.. I don't think I could ever go on that show.. I seriously thought about it after watching the second season..but nope.. not interested now.. lol. 

Today I am going to at least post my food into spark.. I need to start seeing what I am eating. 

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